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Equifax is a global data, analytics and technology company that provides credit information on request for consumers. Our extended partnership with Equifax allows us to provide free credit scoring knowledge and tools to help Kiwis better understand credit's role in their lives. Yonda is proud to partner with Equifax and is working closely with their team to provide powerful new insights for everyday Kiwis.                                               


Note: Yonda does not provide financial advice, and we are not financial advisors.

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Our goal is to improve the financial wellness of Aotearoa, New Zealand. To do this, we’ve created a fintech solution that speaks to Kiwis where they spend most of their time - on their phones. With a range of tools and resources available, we’re always interested in where we can take Yonda forward next, which is why we're open to other like-minded investors joining the journey.

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We’re a fintech solution for the consumer market, and we’re always looking to adapt our product and service to suit the needs of Kiwis better. So, if you think your solution could be right for Yonda, get in touch. We like to receive new ideas — it keeps us fresh!

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