Why do you need Yonda ID Security?

Yonda ID Security enables you to detect any credit or data breaches related to your account and allows you to put a stop to them.

Even if you don’t think your information is at risk, it only takes one bad click before your information is made available to cyber criminals. If that information contains private or financial information, you may lose thousands before you even notice. Yonda ID Security notifies you of those activities and allows you to take quick action against them.


Keeping your details clear of the dark web

Cybercrime is on the rise in New Zealand, and with more of our world going online everyday, the more at risk we become. Giving over personal details to multiple brands, businesses, and companies can lead to huge fraud risk if they are hacked, and their (your!) data stolen. 

Yonda wants to protect you from cyber attacks that result in you losing money, time and damage to your credit file.   


Yonda ID Security Features

If we detect fraudulent activity on your credit file, lock it before any damage can be done and protect your score.
Every day Yonda scans the dark web and your credit file for potential security threats.
Get notified if someone is trying to take credit out in your name. Stop them before they damage your score and steal your money.
If we detect fraudulent activity on your credit file, lock it before any damage can be done and protect your score.
Yonda will tell you what your next steps should be, if a data leak or fraudulent credit activity are identified.

Dark web monitoring

Yonda will scan the dark web daily for information linked to email addresses you’ve used to create accounts across your online accounts, including: 

  • Passwords
  • Usernames
  • Login IDs
  • First name
  • Lastname
  • Address info
  • DOB

We’ll urgently notify you, enabling you to take action to protect your identity, personal information and money. 
Follow Yonda’s Next Steps guide to protect yourself from the data leak.

Credit fraud alerts

Our partnership with global credit bureau Equifax means we can keep your credit score and credit file safe from fraudsters trying to take credit out in your name. 

Get notified daily on your credit file to ensure it stays safe. We’ll send you enquiries when they happen - if someone is impersonating you and trying to get credit using your identity, you’ll be the first to know. Lock your file and protect your score. You can unlock your file at any time!

Yonda & ID Agent (Kaseya group)

We are partnered with ID Agent, a leading global provider of cyber security. Through this partnership Yonda is able to use the latest dark web scanning technology to scan every corner of the dark web for your details.

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Payment and subscriptions


Get ID Security from as little as a coffee a week!

Subscribe for $99/year (save 34% when you pay up front) or choose a monthly subscription of $12.50/month (full yearly price $150). Protect yourself from cyber attacks and identity fraud today.


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