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What is a credit score?

Basically, it's a magic number that uses a lot of info like credit applications, credit cards and bill payments, to give you a score. It's pretty important, as lenders use your score to decide if they give you a loan and what interest rates they'll charge. So it's a good number to know and nurture.

What does a credit score look like?

Credit scores are ranked between 0-1000, which is what's called the ‘credit score range'. Typically, people start around 300 and soar into the 700s to 800s - going from poor, fair, good, very good and absolutely excellent. 

Poor may mean you don’t have much credit history to go on, you’ve defaulted on payments, or you’ve made too many credit applications. It takes time to build a good score, but luckily there's heaps of things you can do to start making positive scoring actions today. 

However, if you find yourself in the fair category it means you’re a good candidate for loans from banks or other lenders, usually at reasonable interest rates. You can be pretty sure of getting things like mortgages one here - providing you also have money for a deposit, of course!

And if you’re good and above, lenders will likely seek you out! This is because you’ve proven you’re great with repayments and handling your existing loans.

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