Yo! So what is Yonda?

Yonda is a free credit scoring app, supplying you with tips to help achieve your financial goals.

How does it work?

Yonda provides free credit scoring and handy hints on how to improve your financial wellbeing. With permission, the app accesses your credit history, which is a list of all the available info on your financial activity, including credit cards, loan applications and any bills you pay (or those you don't!) All of which helps you understand what options you have to improve your financial habits.

Why should I care?

Well sure, you could get a wordy credit report that’s quickly out of date. But with Yonda you get:
Personalised, real-time notifications to keep you financially ship-shape.
Tailored info based on your credit aspirations.
A complete record of your credit score history, made simple.
Tips and blog posts, downloadable straight to your mobile!

How do I get Yonda?

Getting started with Yonda is simple. Just type your email in the early access box below, to receive priority notifications when the app launches. When Yonda is ready for download, we'll let you know, and send you a link so you can get it for free from either the Apple store or from Google Play. 

Plus, by signing up now, you'll be among the first Kiwis to get access to Yonda! In the meantime, we'll keep you posted with notifications about our latest credit scoring content and developments. 

So the sooner you signup, the sooner Yonda can help you achieve your financial goals!

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