Staying private online.

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Posted 10 April 22

Creating online profiles is part of our everyday life, whether you frequently use social media to talk with friends or find jobs. However, making your personal information publicly available has its risks. Using the information you share about yourself, online scammers can pretend to be you and access your credit or bank accounts, withdrawing money before you have time to react!


Online security. 

Perhaps the easiest way to stay safe online is to limit what information you provide. Stay away from including contact or personal details on your social profile and only give out contact information to people you can verify. 

Another way to keep safe is to limit who can see your private information. Switching from available to the public to available to friends or close contacts is a good way of ensuring that only people who know you and can be verified by you are able to see your online details.

Don't respond or click on any links if you receive any messages through email or social media where you're unsure about the sender. If you engage with spam messages, you may activate targeted spam ads or result in corrupt software.


Digital cookies. 

When you search online, it leaves a digital footprint that can be tracked. Often this is used by legitimate businesses who use these footprints to send you targeted ads. 

If you don't want to be tracked online, you can always look at using a different online browser or secure incognito mode to prevent your history from being stored. 

However, the option is up to you. If you're looking for finance or other deals online, you may wish to be contacted. A safer alternative is to contact the credit providers directly with questions. 



Yonda is also launching Marketplace soon, which allows you to view financial deals safely through the app while keeping your online data secure. From Marketplace, you'll be able to see credit loans and cards tailored to your interests and financial ability without needing to make a full credit application. 


Stop! Disclaimer!

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