KiwiSaver application.

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Posted 10 April 22

There are only three ways to get involved in KiwiSaver – contact a KiwiSaver provider, contact your employer or sign an employment contract to get automatically enrolled. 

A provider is usually a bank or investment firm authorised to act on your behalf. They'll give you a KS9 form, which includes everything you need to get started with your KiwiSaver. You can find more on this on the IRD's website.

Your contract

Your contract should cover all the details of your KiwiSaver, including your contribution rate. You're free to change your rate every three months or set the figure beyond the maximum. Make sure to let your employer know if they're the ones paying into your KiwiSaver.

You can also talk to your employer about changing service providers on your KiwiSaver scheme. A scheme is just a fancy word for the type of fund you want to set up (and funds are anything you set aside for a particular savings purpose, like retirement or a house). Most likely, your employer automatically set you up on a default scheme when you signed your contract. 

If you're unsure whether you've got a KiwiSaver already, ask your employer for a copy of your contract. Payment slips also include your KiwiSaver details if you're curious about your current rate.


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