Tracking KiwiSaver.

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Posted 10 April 22

Tracking your KiwiSaver balance is easy. You can do it through your online bank, My KiwiSaver or your KiwiSaver provider. 

If you don't know your provider, you can check with the IRD at My KiwiSaver when you log in or call 0800 KiwiSaver.


How KiwiSaver works for banks.

Do you use online banking to check if your paycheque came through or if your car loan got paid? If your KiwiSaver provider is also with your bank, your balance should sit right next to both your current and savings accounts. Click on that box, and you should have access to all the same information you'd find on a regular bank statement.

You can track each contribution and deduction made from your account from the drop-down boxes. 


Using My KiwiSaver.

You can also check and track your KiwiSaver through MyIRD. To log in to My KiwiSaver (and track that growing balance), you'll need a myIR or RealMe number (which should be on the back of your payslip. Otherwise, you can always sign up online, easy).



Your KiwiSaver provider (or whoever you set up your KiwiSaver with) will create a statement form based on your invested savings. Depending on if your credit provider has gone all green and paperless, you can request that the form be physically sent to you. Otherwise, it'll be up on your provider's website.


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