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Credit scoring in New Zealand

Every Kiwi over 18 who has engaged in some form of credit transaction, whether a loan or credit application, is scored based on their financial behaviour. Added to this is a ‘credit score’, which lenders and banks use to assess a consumer's suitability for a loan, credit application or interest rate. So it pays to know your score — luckily, you can get one from Yonda for free!

Getting Kiwis credit ready.

Up to 35% of Kiwis currently sit outside access to primary forms of finance, including bank loans. Why — because many of them aren't able to show a good financial history. This is either because they haven't got a good track record of lending, to begin with, or perhaps banks don't have enough info to go off when approving them for a new loan. All of which results in potentially low credit scores, limiting access to better and cheaper credit options.

Why does credit matter?

Credit scores are pretty important, so a low score is definitely something to avoid! At some stage in our lives, we all come to depend on credit, whether to help pay off student loans, secure a low-interest mortgage, or even afford a holiday. And a score that's in poor shape might mean crippling interest rates or even being denied credit! Yowzah!

We're doing something about it!

Our mission is to connect Kiwis with their credit scores and offer tips on things like budgeting, loans and spending behaviour, so everyone can make better decisions when it comes to money.

It pays to be in the know — tracking your credit score with our Yonda app can help you with better credit decisions in future. And it's all free!

Download Yonda today, it's free.

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