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Improve your personal finances.

Each of us has something called a ‘credit score’, which affects how much credit or money we can borrow, and at what interest rates. 

Luckily, Yonda is here to help you access yours, so that you know where and how to find better credit. With the Yonda app you can easily track and take control of the numbers that support that mortgage, car loan or credit card application. 


Everyone over 18 has a credit score. Find out what this little number could mean for you and your finances.


Once you take control of your credit score, you can plan for the life you want, and how to afford the things to go with it!


Take control of your financial future. Plan investment goals, like building nest eggs or getting lower interest rates.

Get better with money.

Check out our resources page for more info on how to get better with money and bump up that credit score.

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