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Download Yonda to get instant access to your free credit score. You’ll get personalised tips on how to grow your score and build a better financial future.
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Good financial health starts here.

Yonda is creating a hub to bring all your financial info into one place. We’re talking credit scores, identity protection, a financial marketplace and FinView – the place to connect and view all your bank accounts, KiwiSaver and investments. Yonda gives you the power to understand your data to seek better deals on interest rates. Start with your free credit score today.


Download Yonda to discover your personal credit score and take control of your finances.


Take advantage of the updates and tips in the app to boost your score and grow your credit options.


Use your score to find better credit deals and achieve the financial freedom you want.

Shaking up the finance industry.

Yonda helps you set specific financial goals around your aspirations. Improve your ability with credit by following the tips, updates and blogs on yo-map. You can change your goals at any time to see new blogs tailored to what you want to do. 

Coming soon to Yonda

We’re launching with a free credit score but there’s more to come from Yonda. Kiwis want to take control of their financial future and we’re here to help. Yonda will give you a view of your credit score, can protect your identity and centralise all of your bank accounts, KiwiSaver and investments. Plus there will be a financial services marketplace for you to get the best rates on loans. And we’re just getting started!

Download Yonda today, it's free.

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